Step 1: Meet us in our office to discuss and record your needs and specific requirements according to your life style in order to decide on what best fits the perspective usage and requirements of your new home.

Step 2: Visit some of the locations around the island and choose the area that inspires you the most.

Step 3: Discuss and exchange ideas over the preliminary drawings in order to design your space exactly like you have dreamt it. Design begins with study of the physical elements, surveying nature’s landscape and climatic characteristics, sketching up preliminary drafts, estimating the final cost and creating a project timeline.

Step 4: A detailed technical construction description is presented and finally all materials and amenities are chosen, based on your style and preferences. After we have established a customised outlook and design, we present to you, a fully detailed, rendered 3d view model of your idea and discuss any changes or preferences you require.

Step 5: We finalize all legal documentation and drafts and apply for the Building permit. The Construction of your new HOMAD home starts once the permit is issued.

Step 6: Gathering all necessary documentation required for the attainment of the Building Permit and approval from the Architectural Committee.

Homad as a contractor, provide financial security and construction assurance on building and construction projects. We warranty to perform all the work and pay certain subcontractors, laborers and material suppliers. A surety bond protects you from any financial loss should the contractor fail to perform the contract in accordance with its terms and conditions.

From the conception of the idea to delivered spaces with identity establishing uniqueness

From the conception of the idea to the final outcome of the entire project that has meticulously been customised to your needs and requirements by establishing uniqueness. We respect our agreed standards and oversee each construction stage with the upmost care and attention.
  • Adhering to the original design
  • Working and coordinating industry leading construction crews
  • Informing you of all and any technical and financial aspects
  • Choosing the appropriate materials as agreed to in our contract
To deliver your new home as you really deserve it!

Research and Design of Building Projects

Building Permits
Architectural Blue Prints and Design
Stable and anti-seismic Design
Topographic Surveys
Operating Permits

Services offered by the Technical Consultant

Regulations and Adjustments for Properties developed without Building Permits
Certification / Title of Property
Adjustment and change of buildings
Building inspections
Structural Inspection and Property evaluation

Construction Services

Private Homes / Dwellings
Business / Professional spaces
Restorations and Reinforcements
Supervision of Construction projects
Project Management


Architecture of both internal and external spaces.
Building Restoration