Where the sun never sets

Land for Development, 4,000 square metres with modern dwellings: 1 unit x 200 square metres, 2 units x 100 square metres and 3 units x 65 square metres.

This is a stunning vacation retreat, ideally located at the extreme West coast of Kalymnos, on the summit of a hill away from crowds that swarm the island during peak / high season. It is very near the charming, seaside village of Vlyhadia, right above the treasured, hidden beach of secluded and picturesque kefala.
Blending the island’s architectural vernacular and the principles of contemporary minimalism, these residences comprise a cluster of different – sized units that are strategically situated facing the seascape.

The dwellings have been carefully designed with much attention having been given to privacy.
Every single plot of land is located on a mountain side offering an unobstructed and stunning view of the Aegean Sea and little islands of Nera and Agios Antreas.
The surrounding area is very quiet and secluded without being too far away from the next small villages of Vothinoi and Vlyhadia. Taking advantage of its position and views, the villas boast comfortable terraces that are tastefully equipped for outdoor living and pleasure.

We created this Housing Estate which is made up of 14 ultra modern, individual, detached dwellings. Having been inspired by the God of the sun – Hperiona, we chose the location of kefala in Kalymnos in order to develop villas of a superior standard, which reflects a new philosophy on life.

Other Features

Residences of the Hperiona project adhere to the following options, requirements and specifications.

1. A four bedroom detached home with 200 square metres with extensive privacy, a private swimming pool and unobstructed open, outdoor spaces on a 4,000 square metre area of land.
2. A building complex of 2 individual, detached homes with 2 or 3 bedrooms and 100 square metres on a 2000 square metre area of land.
3. A three building complex of 3 homes of 65 square metres, comprised of 2 bedroom apartments within one of them, harmoniously partitioned with independent and private living spaces for relaxation and healthy living.

As a gift to the God of the Sun, the houses were given the white color to reflect the rays of light and create an intense contrast to the earthly lunar landscape.


Kefala, Kalymnos
4.000 m2
  • Building Permits
  • Architectural Blue Prints and Design
  • Stable and anti-seismic Design
  • Private Homes / Dwellings
  • Halikos Dimitris
  • Autocad
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