A culturally driven design team that strongly believes in the power of nature and the natural interaction between spaces.

ΧΩΜΑ = Earth / Soil
TERRA = Land
HUMUS = Latin for Soil

Inspired by ΧΩΜΑ (HOMA) – translated from the Greek language meaning SOIL – the total substance of organic matter which is in the constant process of building and being reconstructed.


HOMAD, is a team of professional engineers, architects and designers who develop unrestricted, architecturally open spaces by incorporating structural elements originating from the Greek land.


We help you with the proccesses of owning your new home in Greece from the conception of the idea to design & delivery. Our creations capture the simplicity characterised by the principles of Greek Architecture and in doing so, delivers completed projects that are distinguished for their coherence and identity.


Halikos Dimitris

Civil Engineer

With more than 7 years of experience in both Greece and Australia, Dimitris has acquired skills and experience in design and project implementation.

''For me, the key to success for the completion of a project is to individually inspect, oversee and coordinate the entire project. It is essential to work methodically, with dedication and respect towards those who have entrusted the establishment and development of their home to you.''